360° virtual tour


360° Virtual Tour

It is a Digital representation of the location which help the users to explore and interact with the 360 degree perspective. It provides an immersive and interactive experience that simulates being physically present at the location, allowing users to virtually navigate and explore the space.

The semeless creation of the 360 degree view is been done by the process of creating the 360 degree virtual tour which involves the high resolution images and videos of the location from multiple angles. These type of videos and images is been taken using the specialized camera and software for creating panoramic view.

There is a virtual tool platform where it allows the users to interact with the space all the images and videos are captured and snitched together. Users can navigate through the space using a mouse, touch screen, or virtual reality headset, and can zoom in or out to view details of the location. The user experience can be enhanced by the interactive elements like hotspots, information pop- ups and sound effect is been added.

360 degree virtual tour can also be used in variety of places like real estate properties, museums, hotels, event spaces and many more. They provide an engaging and immersive way to showcase a location and can help attract potential customers or visitors by providing a more realistic and detailed view of the space.