Android app development


Android App Development

The Android App Development is a process of creating mobile applications that run on android operating system.

  • Conceptualization: This is the thing like coming up with the new ideas for the app, defining its purpose and identifying the target audience. There are lots of unique features and functionalities that the app will offer.
  • Design: The visual interface can also be created with the help of design phase which includes the wireframing, prototyping. The designing of the user experience and user interface is also been done in this stage.
  • Development: The actual coding of the app will take place in this stage. The creation of the app takes the selection of the appropriate development framework, tools and programming language. The security, scalability and performance these should be measured in the development process.
  • Testing: After the development of the app is been done it is necessary to be tested to see that it is working as per the expectations. The app functionality, Usability and performance check the bugs, glitches and Errors in the app. The compatibility test is also be done between the devices and operating system.
  • Deployment: The deployment is done only when the app is been tested and finalized. The availability for the downloading in the Android is been done through Google Play Store.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of the app is necessary as it should work properly and fufill the needs of the users. The maintainanace process includes the fixing bugs, adding new feature, improving the performance and security of the app.

The main Motive of the Android App Development is to meet the need of the Target Audiance and this app is a combination of technical and creative skills.