e-commerce website



The designing and development of the Website which includes creating a website which is user friendly and Functional. These are few of the steps of website design and development.

  • Planning: This includes the complete planning of the website like Purpose goals, Target audience and to show the site Structure and content.
  • Design: The design of the website includes the creating a layout, color scheme, topography, and graphics that align with the website purpose and approach to the target Audience.
  • Development: The functionality of the website is been dependent upon writing a code like navigation, interactive features, forms and ensuring that the website is checked for the performance and usability.
  • Content Creation: The creation of the content for the website should be of best quality and should contain the useful information like text, videos, images and other media.
  • Testing: The functioning of the website is been checked on different different browsers and to analyze to users with problems.
  • Launch: Uploading the Website on the web server so that the public can see.
  • Maintenance: This entails refreshing the website by adding fresh content and features, addressing any problems or glitches, and guaranteeing the site's security and compliance with the most current web standards and technologies.

In general, creating a website demands a blend of technical and artistic aptitude, coupled with a profound comprehension of user experience and the intricacies of web development.