Explainer Video Maker


Explainer Video

The Explainer video is an animated short or live-action video explaining products, services, ideas or concepts in engaging as well as informative way. This has been designed by our experts to attract the eyes of the audiences that explain complex or abstract concepts in an easy way. Some of the key steps that are required in explainer video creation are given below:

  • Concept Development: It involves the defining the messages or ideas for expressly communicating and developing a concept for the video.
  • Scriptwriting: It involves a written script outlining the key messages, audios and visuals for the concerned video.
  • Storyboarding: it creates a visual storyboard covering the sequence of scenes as well as transitions for the video.
  • Video production (Animated): It involves the creation of an actual animation or live-action footage for the concerned video.
  • Recording voiceovers: it records the narration of voiceovers for the video that accompanies with the visuals.
  • Music and sound effects: This step involves adding up of music and sound effects for the enhancement of a video thus, concerned as well as creating an engaging experience for the audiences associated with that particular market.
  • Edit and post-production: It involves editing of the footage of the video as well as audio and adding up some of the special effects or graphics for enhancing the final video outlook.

Explainer videos, can be however, may be used for various purpose inclusive of corporate training, product demos, marketing campaigns and educational videos. These videos can be shared over websites, social media, applications and other digital platforms for serving larger customer base. It is an efficient and effective way for communicating complex information in a way making it easy to understand and engaging in terms of its users. This may help businesses to increase brand awareness, builds customer loyalty and boost sales.

Effectiveness of Explainer videos

There are several factors that indulges in making explainer videos more effective for the purpose of communicating and marketing. Its effectiveness can be given below:

  • Engaging and attention grabbing: Explainer videos are often considered visually appealing or animated, making it more engaging and interesting to watch. It is also helpful in grabbing the attention of larger audiences and keeping them engaged throughout the video.
  • Simplifying the complex ideas: These videos are thus, designed to simplify complex ideas, making them easy to understand. They specifically use visuals and narrations for explaining concepts in a way making it clear and concise, that would help to overcome hurdles related to communication and improve comprehension.
  • Increasing brand awareness: Explainer videos are the ones that are often used for the purpose of marketing. They might help several business entities in increasing their brand awareness and promotional activities regarding their products or services. With the creation of engaging and informative videos, your business might get a chance to attract new customers as well as build customer loyalty.
  • Shareability: These are easy to share videos for social media, websites and other digital platforms thus concerned that may help in increasing their visibility and outreach. This may lead you to share, view or engage with many customers. It may increase your brand awareness as well as boost sales.
  • Versatility: Explainer video may proves to be helpful serving varied purpose, inclusive of product demos, corporate training and educational videos. Its versatility makes it more valuable for a business concern of all sizes and industries.

In conclusion, explainer videos are considerably an effective tool due to its several merits such as enhanced customer engagement, informative and shareability. With the usage of certain visuals, narrations or story-telling, they may simplify complex ideas or creations as well as promote products or services concerning a certain brand in a way that is engaging and remarkable.